Friday, August 27, 2010

Sarah Petronio just got to Spain today! Everything is going great so far. Check her blog. She will be adding to it throughout her stay in Spain.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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We have just created a Shinn Study Abroad - RIC on Facebook!

Where are they now...?

From time to time, we hope to be able to update you on what former Shinn Scholars are up to...

Jennifer Courtney (Spain - 1999) is now living in Turkey. She recently emailed to say:
"I will continue to support the fund because it really was one of the most important events in my life. I decided to become a Spanish teacher after I came back from Spain and that was only possible with Shinn. Now I am in Turkey teaching Spanish...who would have thought? A big hello to Dr. Motte, Dr. Schneider, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Shinn and Dr. Margenot...."

Are you a former Shinn Scholar? Please let us know what you are up to. And a huge thanks to Jen for continuing to support the Fund!